I am considering purchasing some of the Rebecca share series hat blocks (I will post the link) http://www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au/rebecca-share

Does anybody know which block Rebecca is using In "lesson D19 - purcher 3D hats" ?

Have any of you used these blocks before? If so could you please share some photographs and advice with Me?

I have already purchased the full set of lessons on purcher millinery and am finding them very helpful.

I would really love to see the 5 & 6 inch 3D disk set.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm

Ella x

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Hi Ella I have made a few with that hat block it is beautiful well worth every penny and if you look at my profile you should see the first one I made with it black Jayne
Thank you Jayne!

The size is perfect for my needs, thank you for sharing,


Hi Ella I maed this with the 7 inch round 3D block, the flowers are 15cm each if that helps you.  I love this block and think its going to be so versatile and dramatic in size. Good luck with your crafting. Kind Regards Janet


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