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The tropical summer sun beamed down brightly last Saturday at Magic Millions on the Gold Coast. The fashion, the hats and the fun made this a most memorable event for thousands who attended. Check out the hat highlights.   

Bright and bold mixed with feminine tones, Magic Millions brings out the character in each entrant.…


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Save 30% Tinting Millinery Course

Unleash the creative within as you learn a variety of tinting techniques to add a fresh uniqueness to your millinery collection. Now save 30% on the total lesson price!

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Milliner: Silpa Parmar

Headwear by budding milliner, Silpa Parmar has progressed in leaps and bounds since she started just over a year ago. Silpa has taken a real shine to leather which is the hottest millinery material of the moment and it looks like it's here to stay. Silpa's creations go by the name of Scarlet and Red so we thought it was only fitting to…


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Ribbonwork expert Helen Gibb takes you through a myriad of ribbon work techniques reminiscent of century old skills used by milliners and dressmakers to adorn hats and garments. Be Inspired by the past and apply these aesthetic floral trims to your millinery creations.
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Milliner: Sophie Cooke

For Milliner Sophie Cooke, 2016 has been a big year. Public speaking events, Pop Up Shops, Made in Sheffield Exhibitions and organising a craft themed market with up to 50 stallholders, all whilst working outside of her millinery world too. It seems that being a part of communities is what truely drives Sophie's millinery and has lead to many opportunities she never thought might have been possible.

We absolutely love this navy boater…

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Andrea Blohm Interview

Working by day as an automotive safety seat engineer where strict rules and guidelines are in place, there is little room left for creativity in the workplace. Milliner Andrea Blohm is able to find a contrast of peace and happiness in the hours outside of work, doing what she loves, creating beautiful things. Andrea loves the freedom and creativity which comes from crafting hats, the subtle characters in the materials and the combinations…


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Milliner: Tanith Kovari

Old photos, movies, catalogues and vintage hats have been the leading inspiration for milliner Tanith Kovari's work over the last couple of years. Tanith credits her accumulation of skills to a number of different areas from books and millinery workshops to online lessons and experimentation. She has discovered her love of materials and the rewards of shaping, draping and…


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Julie Herbert Interview

Anyone can tell you that millinery is a combination of techniques, materials and an eye for details. It is a craft where fine lines and small details are the corner stone of what sets true bespoke and store bought pieces apart. Each milliner has their own style, their own mark and each has their own place in the industry. For milliner Julie Herbert, her place has been found in bridal millinery. Her success is going from leaps to bounds…


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Millinery Meet-Up 2016

Millinery Meet-Up, the United States’ biennial education and networking event, was held Oct.1-5, at the historic arts & crafts school Arrowmont, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Over 100 participants and instructors, from around the world, enjoyed numerous events throughout the week—Instructor Panel, Social Media/Marketing seminar, Hat Contest, and a closing Decades of Decadence party to end the week.  Instructors included:  Edwina…


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Buy the Kickstarter Course now through Monday to save an extra 20%. With 30 Lessons covering a variety of classic and essential millinery techniques to refresh your skills or learn something new! Use code: BF16 on check out.
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Milliner: Alexandra Guy

If ever there was a rising star in the millinery and fashion world to watch it would be none other than Alexandra Guy. She is a budding young milliner and qualified fashion designer whose work exudes elegance and style beyond her years. Being a Fashion on the Field enthusiast, Alexandra has been able to effortlessly combine all aspects of her interests into a very well informed combination of a successful hobby and burgeoning career. This…


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Hatstravaganza 2016

Fabulous hats, bubbly champagne and tables of delicious nibbles fit for a king were on the menu at the Millinery Association of Australia's Hatstravaganza. With some of Australia's most prominent milliners, the event was a lively feast of colour, movement and creativity. Hosted in the Brisbane city hall, the event was attended by excited customers eager to try on hats, meet the milliners and sort out their Spring Carnival…


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Monika Neuhauser Interview

With a foundation of quality materials, a wealth of knowledge and a thirst for creating truely stunning, timeless pieces, New Zealand milliner Monica Neuhauser has found her passion. Originally from Austria, she is forging her way in the millinery industry with a reputation of quality and style. Monica's work is easily recognised as standout spectacles among the crowd at any raceday, wedding or horse show. Read on to find out more about this…


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Rebecca Share teaches you how to give this classic regal headwear a more contemporary feel. You will learn the most effective way to master blocked crown designs using her signature blocks to give your new collection variations of styling and embellishment. 

» Watch Course…


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'Rebecca Share' series designed in collaboration with Hat Blocks Australia for the Blocked Crowns Course.

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Milliner: Belinda Green

Fashion and styling for race day events has always been a passion for Belinda Green, combining a mixture of old and new clothing and accessories to come up with the perfect look. Whilst this was always fun she now has the edge and is able to create the entire look from head to toe with her new found millinery abilities. This image displays a fabulous example of the stunning millinery Belinda creates as well as her abilities to…


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Helen Tilley Interview

When a high street hat purchase fell to bits before her eyes on the day of her nieces wedding, Helen Tilley decided to take matters in her own hands and learn to make hats herself! Through trial and error she has overcome each obstacle that she has encountered, constantly improving and refining her craft. Helen's designs are incredibly unique and have a way of grabbing attention in a subtle and feminine way like this gorgeous mix of burnt…


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Flower Crown Course Kit

House Of Adorn has complied a kit that contains all the specialised materials you will need to use whilst learning from the Leather Flower Crowns Course. Including a selection of metallic leather colours and quality components, House Of Adorn are offering this bundle at a discounted price.…


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Milliner: Judy Parker

Delicate crowns are all the rage at the moment and Judy Parker's designs are certainly nailing the brief! We absolutely love this delicate pearl and leaf crown which features twisted pearl details as taught by Hat Academy Tutor Suzanne Madden and a halo of golden leaves. Judy's skills are certainly not limited to crowns, just by looking at her other designs you can…


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Award winning Milliner, Rebecca Share has mastered crinoline and teaches you how to add an exquisite appeal to your millinery design that will delight your customers. Learn to transform this millinery component and make a cost-effective addition to your millinery styling whether you add intriguing crinoline veils or dramatic crinoline…


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