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I am looking forward to sharing millinery techniques, inspiration and news with you.

Enjoy, Elaine & Team.

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How wonderful to hear directly from Denise Dreher!  Her book is my favourite "bible."  It's incredibly useful,  Any plans on expanding or updating it?  Pretty please? 

I am thrilled to be here! Ready for the next level, definitely!

That's wonderful Kitty. Millinery is so creative we never arrive just keep adding to our skills.

I can't wait.
It's great to be here. Looking forward to learning and sharing!

Is there a particular order you recommend for someone who has never made hats, for working through all of the hat classes. Also - do you sell gift certificates? I'd like to give my friend Marcie a few introductory classes, but don't know which ones would be best for a beginner.

Hi Kathleen, I recommend starting with Lessons 1-9 With these lessons she would be able to make a hat with trim. We have had some students buy a bundle of 9 then one free. Lesson 1,2, 3 & 5 is a starting point with the result a completed hat. The next few lessons 6-9 are different trim concepts. 

The students who make a hat firstly then go onto making fascinators & other styles seem to advance quicker. Making a hat teaches so many basic skills that are later extended to do things more challenging. 

Yes we can organise a gift certificate - a lovely thought on your part. It is Sunday night here & I will chat to techo guy best way to organise through paypal. She may need to come in as a member and he will manually open the lessons chosen so she can view.

The advantage of lifetime access to the lessons means she can view over & over again

Will chat to you again in 12 hours


Thanks Elaine for your prompt and kind reply.  :)

Thanks much for "being" here so I can "chit-chit chat" with "REAL" hat humans....

I am adicted to Hat making and designig.

My real love it to "find" hats get my sissors,machine, trims and "create" the most wonderful Facinatiors ever.

So, continue to teach more and more Hat lessons/ideas so Hat Loving ladies will "catch on".


Glad you have caught the Millinery Bug of Addiction & you love what you do. I say I am going to retire but may have difficulty letting go!!  Enjoy your creative world


Dear Elaine!

The pleasure was mine! It is a great possibility to be with you!

Kind regards: Tímea

Elaine - I feel I have met a fellow millinery soulmate albeit the other side of the world!  Like you I love to design and create hats and although I take fewer commissions nowadays I still have the need to learn and pass on that information to those on the path behind me


Manda Kent Burns



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