Hi all,

This has probably been asked a dozen times but...?
I use a flammable felt stiffener from Parkins UK, not cheap at £20.00 plus VAT plus postage for 500ml???
But try as I do, and work it in to the felt it always leaves behind white marks/residue??
Is there really another alternative other than the expensive flammable stiffens that don't leave these marks!
I'm sure i've read somewhere about watered down PVA which is sprayed onto the inside of felt?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated:-)

Thank you!

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Here it is Sophie ! I have also included the hand carved block I made for it. I needle felted the band and made a small velvet rose to sit on the band.

Oh Jain, that's lovely!  LOVE the colour :oD


Thanks, so it was worth saving then ?

For sure!!!!! :oD


Hi all, I live in Canada and the possibility of obtaining a good chemical felt stiffener is impossible, due to shipping and Customs regulations. I came across three different spray stiffeners, but haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet. Rather than spritzing them on the inside of the crown, I will brush it on in circular brush method so that the stiffener makes it’s way into the felt. Other than the diluted PVA, I have no other choices, unless some milliners from Canada know of any product that can be shipped? The Bickmore Kahl Felt /wool stiffener boasts a dark colour that can be used on dark hats, the Scout brand people advertise that the product does not leave any residue and the fabric stiffener, I believe is starch based. I find it frustrating that none of these products list any ingredients. Once I have experimented with these, and hopefully get some positive results, I will let you all know. I am open to suggestions , being new at millinery and all :)

Hi I buy mine in bulk size from direct adhesives and it is cost effective as it last a few years.  It does not leave white marks.


call them and see


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