Do you hire professional photographer for shooting your latest millinery collection?

I am curious, do you hire a professional photographer for your millinery work which goes on your website or do you do it yourself? I think hiring a professional model and MUH professional are a great investment.  But I am wondering if it is worthwhile for simple photos shooting on a clear background with DSL camera is good enough for the portrait photos. i also have  Adobe Lightroom so I can edit them although I am not great at editing photos.

It might sound a bit too obvious for you but I am curious what your answer is and the reasoning behind it. Also, anyone feeling comfortable to disclose budget estimates for overall shoot? I am just trying to plan my upcoming collection and don't really know what to expect as expenses. My previous collection I did with friends and to be honest results were not so great but I was so grateful for them doing it with me.

Thank you! 

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Apart from the hassle of organising photographers and models and not being able to quickly snap a hat that I have just made, it was expensive to have people in.  With the money I was saving, I decided to buy a good camera (Canon) with a macro lens. The other pieces of equipment I acquired gradually and by dropping hints for birthday and Christmas pressies from the family.  I now have spare rooms at my house after the kids have fledged and I set one up as a permanent location for my photography. 

The other pieces of equipment I purchased were:  White vinyl background roll, background support stand kit,  2 continuous lighting stands and a mannequin head, (I am pleased with this as it is "elegant with attitude").  I prefer not to have live models, apart from the cost, I think it suggests an age of wearer which I try to avoid.  I also purchased Photo Shop to edit the photos, but quite honestly I get on better with Picasa, which was free on my computer and is not so complicated.  I am sure the professionals would see much room for improvement, but it gets my message over to my customers and the macro lens allows close ups of important bits.  Check out my results   Have fun 



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